It is what it is

I know what you’re thinking. “wow just ANOTHER beauty blog written by some young girl who doesn’t want todo actual work and hopes to get internet famous and omg contour and glitter.” No. Absolutely not. First and foremost I am passionate about skincare. When you break it down skincare is one of the most personal and customizable aspect of a persons life. Everyone’s skin type, skin tolerance, and routine is different and I think that’s a really beautiful thing. When I educate my clients at work about skincare I always tell them “makeup can hide color NOT texture.” Then I see that light go off in their head of utter mind blown because they’ve been trying to use a hydrating foundation to cure their flaky and water dehydrated skin. I wish I was kidding.

This blog is definitely my own personal space to be creative and show my fellow skincare tribes things that I’m personally loving and using; but also to inform about the story of the product and why it was created. As someone who at the age of 22 suffers from acne (sometimes cystic hormonal), dry skin, and hyperpigmentation I have spent a lot of money and also thrown out a lot of money. I’m hoping to be able to help someone decide if the price is worth the product. I myself am a baller on a budget and I constantly look for reviews hoping that they will have the information that I’m looking for.

I welcome questions and advice on this blog. I want this to be a place of inner and outer beauty and even a safe place of no judgment when it comes to someone opening up about their own skin struggles. Coming from someone who when they go out and have total strangers say to me “if you just washed your face you wouldn’t have acne.” Trust me, I get it.

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