Umbrian Clay…aka my life saver because I suck

If there is one product that I wouldn’t mind drowning in it would be Fresh’s Umbrian clay mask. The brand Fresh in general is in my top 5 of favorite skincare brands but they really knocked it out of the park with this mask.

If you have ever seen this mask it kind of throws you off at first because it has this dirty green hue to it but I promise you putting it on your face won’t make your skin fall off. What’s really cool about this product is that Umbrian clay is only found in a small town in Italy called Nocera Umbra. So if you’re like me and can’t afford to travel outside of the states then this is a little slice of heaven. I personally enjoy masks that can be used as a multi use product because you get more bang for your buck. And if you’re anything like me and you hate packing for trips and do EVERYTHING last minute; remembering to grab this makes you feel like you’re not a total piece of shit. This product can be used as a deep pore clearing cleanser,and an overnight spot treatment (holla). I usually stray away from masks that are targeted towards people who have oily skin because of how dry I am but this is so unbelievably balancing that I actually feel my skin looks more hydrated and radiant.  It’s also balancing in a way that I need it to be because it acts as an anti inflammatory. It’s not harsh in the sense that I can feel it stripping everything out of my skin but it definitely helps act like an antiseptic for my acne.

This product retails for $58, yes it’s kind of pricy, however for being able to use it three different ways it justifies the price. This product does come in a travel size at Sephora and for $25 so if you’re interested in it but can’t afford to drop $58 I totally get it, I live for travel size items. For my acne prone friends who have been considering this item I strongly urge you to at least try this product. Any other questions you may have about the product and Fresh’s other products in general please feel free to ask! I welcome conversation.

Later skaters.

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