Migraines and Skincare

Migraines are the freakin worst and I myself am no stranger to them. The past year I have been trying to find what triggers my migraines and how I can keep them at bay. Unfortunately for me when I am struck down by one I am 100% obsolete for the entire day. Laying down in a dark quiet room with a puke bucket next to me is how I like to be. Another downfall for me is when I do have one I absolutely cannot wash my face, even if I’m wearing a full face of makeup. The act of having to slightly bend over and splash water on my face causes me actual pain to the point where I feel like my brain is sinking in. I know that sounds dramatic but my fellow migraine survivors will understand.

Let me get to the actual point of this blog post; personally when I have a migraine personal hygiene is the last on my list of things todo. I have noticed recently how stressed out my skin looks and feels when my migraine has subsided. The only thing at that point is what I do after for my skin. Taking care of your personal health can be more important than doing your full ritual skincare or putting on a full face of makeup. Here are some tips that I have accumulated over the years of how I get back on track with myself after I have been pulled down by a migraine. As always if you have any other tips or tricks that have helped you when a migraine hits please feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation about it! We’re all in this together my loves.

I’m not totally sure how this one tip started for me but if I am wearing a full face of makeup and I’m struck with a migraine I always put a towel over my pillows. I know that sounds like an unnecessary step because why wouldn’t I just lay down on my regular pillows and call it a day? Like I said I have no idea why I started doing this but I like the idea of having a clean towel soak up any kind of makeup rather than my white pillow cases. For me if I get one during the day I’ll usually start to feel better around midnight or later. When I do get up my first priority is making sure my body is hydrated and ill also have a very light snack such as crackers to make sure that I give my body some kind of food to work with. Without a second thought I ALWAYS double cleanse my face. I use an oil based cleanser first to break up the remaining makeup and mascara. My two personal favorite oil based cleansers are the Biossance squalene + antioxidant cleansing oil and the Boscia Makeup Breakup cleansing oil. Both of these remove long wear makeup and water proof mascara. They also leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and clean. After that I go in with my acne cleanser which is the Murad Clarifying Cleanser (my all time favorite acne cleanser). However whatever cleanser works best for you is the one that you should use. I’ve noticed that my skin feels dry and textured after a migraine so using a more heavier moisturizer is definitely key for me. I’ll usually use the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Moisturizer but more recently I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant Protini.

Secondly, and the most important step for me, is using a sheet mask. Sheet masks are pretty bangin on their own but I love how concentrated they are AND how inexpensive they are. Sheet masks are the perfect quick pick me up and they get the job done. My personal favorites are the Sephora brand sheet masks. They are incredibly inexpensive and they have such a big variety that you can find one that best matches your skin type. Migraines not only take a lot out of your body but it also drains a ton of important hydration and oils from your skin as well. My skin looks disgustingly tired and dull after I have one and it often looks that way for the next day or two. Instead of stressing myself out even more over something I can’t really control that’s where good quality skincare and wellness can come into play. Sometimes with our busy schedules we can’t really take the time to focus on things like that and that’s okay. One quick step that I can also recommend is doing a face peel after having a migraine. I know that sounds like a lot after having a migraine but trust me if you’re feeling up to it it’s one of the better things about life. My favorite face peels are the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Pads. I know I know they are on the more pricier side but they do come in a travel pack of five for $14 and that’s a good deal on it’s own. These face pads have been truly life changing for me because they help with my cystic acne a ton and they also bring back so much radiance to my skin. Recently I have been using these after my migraine ends to really make sure my skin is cleared out of excess makeup, oil, and sweat (yes I sweat when I have a migraine, it’s gross). Let me tell you these have made a world of a difference for me. My skin is immediately radiant and glowing. They have also cut down the recovery time for my skin as well.

I really hope this post can help at least one person in their skin and migraine struggles. I’m hoping to do updated posts about migraines and skincare as well because this is something that I do deal with as well as many other people. I’m hoping to be able to update you guys at least once a month and other recommendations that I have as well. Thank you so much for reading and as always conversations are welcome.


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