Caffeine Buzz Skincare

Caffeine and skincare you say? Yes it exists and it is amazing. Just like a hot cup of coffee in the morning to get your body going; caffeine is very evident in our lives and it’s often in our skincare as well. Caffeine is obviously energizing not just for our bodies but for our skin as well. Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us to get the sleep that we need and because of that our skin and under eyes can look dull and tired.  This lack of sleep can often cause our friends and colleagues to ask the most pain in the ass question “are you okay? You look sick”. I’ve been asked this question one two many times before when I come into work with the bare minimum makeup on and I question throwing myself through a wall each time. I have tried a multitude of different products with caffeine in them to make me look more awake and I have been able to narrow it down to the products that I noticed a huge difference in.

The first two products I tried in my caffeine skincare journey were the Origins Ginzing Energizing Moisturizer and the Ginzing Brightening Eye Cream. What is really cool about both of these products is that they are filled to the brim with ginseng and coffee bean to really amp your skin up for the morning. The moisturizer has a refreshing scent to it of citrus and it gives your skin this really beautiful glow to it. It almost has a refreshing feel to it which I adore because in New York our winter is still among us and it dulls the hell out of my skin. I have used this moisturizer under my foundation before and it works really well at hydrating dull patches of my face and keeping it hydrated throughout the day. Even when I don’t wear makeup with this product my skin looks and feels radiant throughout the entire day. The caffeine in this product definitely does help long term in the sense of keeping your skin looking awake and healthy. I highly recommend using this if the sleep you got the night before was miniscule.

Ginzing Brightening Eye Cream is the final touch for this caffeine duo. The eye cream has a really appealing cream color to it and it does slightly color correct under the eye area as well. You also get that instant gratification from it because it illuminates the under eye area almost immediately. Helping with dark circles isn’t the only benefit to using this it also helps to depuff and visibly reduce discoloration under the eyes. Ginzing eye cream is also a good quick prep step for under eye concealer as well especially if you experience creasing or if you have a dry under eye. It makes sure that the concealer stays hydrated and never looks crepey either. If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping or maybe you’re working on a project late into the night both of these products have helped me immensely when it comes to my skin not looking dull or tired. Just as a side note as well dark circles are hereditary so not every product you try will be able to fix them completely. I myself am still on a journey to find that magical product for my dark circles but I have also learned to be realistic about it as well.

My second recommendation is the Lush Cup O’Coffee face and body mask. I bought this product on a whim because Lush usually has their BOGO sale during or right after the holidays and I’m so glad I convinced myself to buy this. Holy shit it is the most badass product I have used thus far. It has fresh ground coffee in it so you get that beautiful aroma but it also has a grit to it because of the coffee beans. I will say if you’re someone who is incredibly sensitive to gritty exfoliants or masks then this product might not be for you. I welcome any kind of grittiness to buff off dull looking skin and to get into my pores so I’m cool with it. However I have yet to try this on my body because I am incredibly sensitive when it comes to body exfoliants. Some make me cringe in pain which is actually laughable because my face can endure so much.

My last recommendation are the First Aid Beauty Caffeine Matcha Wakeup Wipes. These are actual cleansing wipes so they are not used to take off full faces of makeup right off the bat. They can however take off excess makeup from the night before which is great if you’re someone who usually wakes up hungover. That was me for a good four months straight of my life and these wipes were my saving grace. They instantly hydrate, soothe, and wake you the hell up. I highly recommend these if you are a college student or someone who is always on the go because these are a really fast fix if you’re in a time crunch in the morning. It makes your skin feel clean and look more awake because of the caffeine. My favorite perk about them is that they are portable and can be easily stowed away if needed. I often bring some on flights with me to just refresh my skin and long car rides as well. My freelancer friends these are also an incredibly easy way to make sure your model, client, bride, etc, has a clean and energized primed face for you to work on as well. They pick up any excess oil, dirt, and other impurities as well so this is a practical cleansing product if you are short on time as well.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Definitely let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have other recommendations as well. As always please feel free to start a conversation about skincare below and also leave any products or skincare topics you would love to read about next.

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