How To Regimen Skincare

Having a skincare regimen is definitely important if you want to see results and keep your skin as happy and healthy as it can be. Although finding a regimen that works for you and your busy schedule can be a struggle as well. Not all regimens have to be 12 steps unless YOU want it to be. There are some nights when I come home from work absolutely exhausted and have all I can do just to wipe my face off. But for those of you who have been thinking about getting in and sticking to a regimen I tried my best to narrow it down to multi use products that take less time for you but give you efficient results! I can almost guarantee that reading this post will take longer than the actual regimen itself but I like giving at least three different options rather than just one. I have specifically made this regimen into three steps for something quick and easy but I do plan on doing a more elaborate in depth skincare routine for you guys as well.

The first step in any skincare regimen is going to be removing impurities and cleansing. There are a ton of multi use cleansers out there but I have narrowed it down to my favorite three. All three of these cleansers are for all skin types, remove makeup, and most importantly cleanse the skin as well. The first one, and my absolute favorite, is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm. This product retails for $38 and it is worth every penny. Since it starts out as a balm you want to use dry hands to dry face and go in on all that long wear makeup. Bye Bye makeup is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested so it will take off water proof mascara like no ones business. it also has antioxidants and peptides built into it so it will never strip your face or essential moisture from it either. It’s fast yet efficient and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and purified.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple is next on the list. What’s really cool about this cleanser is that it not only removes makeup and cleanses but it also tones as well.  No matter how natural or how synthetic your cleanser is it unbalances the PH levels in your skin which can cause some skin types to feel incredibly tight and irritated after cleansing. This product helps to keep you PH balanced in your skin and make sure your pores are clean as possible. Purity also has a 12 essential oil blend it as well to hydrate and can also take off water proof mascara. This cleanser can be bought in a multitude of different sizes so it can fit into anyone’s budget and is also a great option for travel.

Last on our list is going to the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I dedicate this cleanser to all my sensitive skin homies out there who maybe need a little extra TLC for their skin. This product has been allergy tested and is free of artificial colorants and contains no added fragrance. It has the PH balancing effect to it as well but is still effective enough to remove makeup, dirt, and grime. First Aid Beauty is a stellar brand because they were created with sensitive skin types in mind. Anyone who experiences dehydrated skin or maybe gets eczema on their face as well can use this product. It takes down any kind of reduces due to irritation because it has a colloidal oatmeal blend to it. You can buy this product in three different sizes and I highly recommend trying the trial size first if you’re on the fence about it.

Our second step in the regimen is going to be a toner. Toner’s in general level out the PH in our skin but they come in many different options to suit every skin type. I personally love toners that come in a spray form because you don’t have the added extra cost of cotton rounds and you can use them as priming sprays before foundation. The first one I’m going to mention is the Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic. It comes as a mist and helps with dehydrated skin. It can soothe dry irritated skin and it gives the most beautiful radiant finish. Any of my acne prone friends can use this as well because it does purify the skin and reduce surface bacteria.

Next is the Caudalie Grape Water. I love this product because it comes in an aerosol can and is super finely misted. It can soothe rosacea and reduce sensitivity all in one spray. This product also puts more water back into the skin which is important if you are someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water in general. Your skin is the last to get water catered to it so using products that are more of a water base will keep it hydrated but also keep its healthy glow to it. For my freelance friends you can also use this spray as a quick pick me up for your clients skin and it also works to refresh makeup throughout the day.

Lastly, if you are someone who isn’t too keen on facial sprays I did find one that I enjoy to use and it is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner. Using the product with a cotton round is ideal because it can pick up any remaining surface residue and it also retextures the skin. If you have any dry patches or blotchiness on the skin this toner is great because it targets those problems first and helps keep them at bay. If you are someone who doesn’t usually wear foundation during the day but is looking for something to quickly cleanse with I highly recommend using a product like this. It also works for problematic skin as well because it keeps the surface clean and can clear out clogged pores.

The final step and the most important is going to be moisturizing. A common misconception about moisturizing is that oily to combination skin types shouldn’t moisturize because it will make them more oily. Wrong. Your skin is over compensating itself by producing more oil because your skin is actually imbalanced and dry. There are so many different moisturizers out there for oily skin types and all skin types for that matter. Each brand I have mentioned in this post does have a moisturizer that can cater to your specific skin type so there is no reason not to use one. Your moisturizer is the shield that protects your skin from environmental aggressors seeping in and it also locks moisture in as well. Using your moisturizer twice a day ensures your skin that it is going to stay hydrated and because of that your skin is going to look and feel more hydrated. I’m also going to list some quick bullet points below that will help keep your skin in check as well. As always please feel free to leave and questions below and if you have a recommendation for a post let me know!

  • If you have enough time to watch an hour TV show you have enough time to leave a sheet mask on for an hour
  • Your skin can get hungover too; up your water intake
  • If you’re feeling saucy incorporate a peel once a week into your regimen
  • Having a three step regimen is better than no regimen
  • Do your research on your skin type
  • Not a fan of tea? Try taking vitamins targeted for your skin type
  • NEVER go to bed with makeup on
  • Wash your pillowcases twice a week
  • Make your skincare routine a relaxing ritual for yourself because you’ve earned it


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